the rocky horror official trailer! 

AND NOW holly and i are finally done haha. it’s been so great and wonderful documenting the process of this show. we’ve really enjoyed watching it grow and change and become the wonderful show it is now. thanks to everyone who we interviewed and who put up with us shoving cameras in their faces. you guys are amazing, i am so proud of this cast and crew. 

also, congrats to a sold out first weekend. i really can’t remember the last time that has happened here. 

if you’re in the area, i suggest you buy your tickets now while you still can! this friday’s already sold out.

Longwood University Theatre Presents The Rocky Horror Show (by LongwoodUTheatre)

our first webisode is up! holly and i have spent MANY hours working on this over the past week and it’s finally done and ready to go! stay tuned for episode two! 

everyone watch it! my theatre department is doing great things with this show.