sexy pumpkins… aka pumpkins in stockings


did you know that lace and fishnet stockings could be used to make such amazing halloween (or fall wedding) decor?  so if you have any orphaned or partially ripped stockings laying around the house you might want to try this idea instead of just throwing them in the garbage!

pfft, wedding decorations, my ass. i’m putting this in my house! 

fall always brings about some sort of change in me. i feel it on the tip of my tongue, just below the surface. my heart isn’t quite as light as it used to be. everything gets heavier. my body wants me to be melancholy like the impending cold and gray weather, but i’ll fight it. 

i feel the cold weeks before it’s even here. i feel robbed of a summer. a summer i spent indoors. a summer spent away from everything i know. a summer spent hanging on sweet talk and pretty ideas. i spent so much time wishing for august that i missed june and july. 

i don’t want to be like you, but i can’t un-know what i know. 

you make me sad, and i still don’t know why.