I’m really tired of seeing Ferguson on my dash. Not because it’s Ferguson. But because I’m only seeing one side.

Like, okay, so I understand that people are claiming that Michael Brown was shot for no reason whatsoever, or because he was black, etc. While I appreciate people defending their…

First and foremost; The store owner nor any employee call the police. A customer called the police. Secondly rather or not Brown stole the cigars is COMPLETELY irrelevant because the officer who shot him had no idea about the cigars (even if he had you don’t shot someone over petty theft). Brown was pulled over because  he was jaywalking (while black) and things escalated. Rather or not Brown wrestled with the officer is also moot because had he simply arrested Brown after the first or second shot (which is when witnesses say he raised his hands begging the officer not to shot) then that boy would be alive. Even if he had stopped shooting when Brown was on the ground he would’ve survived according to the autopsy. But that officer walked over to his already collapsed body and shot him in the head. He was beyond out of line.

As far as witnesses go. One side says that the officer hit Brown with his door and Brown shoved it closed and when the officer got out of the car Brown reached for the gun and continued to launch at the officer until he was shot dead. Another (more believable imo) side says that Brown complied went up to the officer the officer hit him with the door, the door bounced closed. The officer reached for Brown while still in the car and when Brown struggled he shot him. Brown ran he shot him again. Brown raised his hands and told the officer not to shot. The officer shot him until he was dead. Six shots total two in the neck and four in the arm. 

The protesters ARE peaceful. The riots are just bottom feeders taking advantage of the situation. Really, people just want the officer who shot Brown to see SOME punishment. We are tired of seeing black people get murdered and their killers getting a slap on the wrist. 

If you wanna keep up watch the live feeds. It’s not pretty and the press gets kicked out around midnight. They are trying very hard to censor the situation. 

Live Feeds 

Also this

Despite how you feel about Mike Brown’s death you cannot deny the blatant disregard for our basic human rights as well as clear violations of our amendments. The Ferguson police are breaking the law and they don’t care. The riots are non-existent. A few rouge looters but the community as a whole is trying very hard to keep everything together. Stay educated. If things seem one-sided that’s because there are mountains of evidence against the Ferguson PD and one possible shoplifting video against Brown. So, in all reality it kinda is. The people on the PD’s side are… racist. Closed minded and racist not to mention that the TV is only showing a very small window of what’s actually happening. If you look into it, I advise for you to at least keep one of the live feeds open in a tab or something.